Charlene Rose Johnson has been a writer all her life. By the age of 9 she was writing full-length books. Today, Charlene is a much-published writer and columnist, a former magazine editor and staff-writer. Her work has appeared in over 30 publications and she has three books to her credit. She has also helped write, edit and publish four books for other people. She has won many awards for her writing and is a member of the professional writing organizations, Outdoor Writers’ Association of America and the Florida Outdoor Writers’ Association.

She is also a keen student of the philosophies and lifeways of indigenous people. When she was a little girl she used to say, “When I grow up, I want to be an Indian,” little understanding the poverty and reality of reservations of that time. While working for the Florida Park Service  she indeed became an “Indian” by creating an original living history portraying the Forgotten People of Florida, the first ones to fully feel the impact of the European invasion. Her goal is to be sure they NOT be forgotten, since they no longer exist in this realm. To that end she has also written a book of fiction portraying these people which is yet to be published.

Charlene believes that everything is alive and that if more believed it, the Earth and all things on it would be treated with more respect.  In the early years it was horses and mountains; in mid years it became water and the Whole Earth. Over the years she has been a Riding Instructor, Swim Instructor, Dive Instructor, Boat Captain and today she teaches about the stars and human behavior. 

Most of all, Charlene is a lover of Life. She believes that her love of Nature sustained her through tough times and provided the foundation to overcome the many challenges she has faced, the will to keep on going when things looked impossible. Her love of history and archaeology have given her a sense of where she belongs in the human timeline. Her study of the esoteric has given her a sense of where she belongs in the timeline of humanity.


Past Lives


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