Certified Avatar Master

Avatar® is one of the greatest discoveries of my life. I have been in therapy; have assisted in therapeutic sessions of various sorts and all of it has been an important part of my evolution toward becoming the happy person I knew was inside. Avatar® was the final key. As usual, when I find something I like, I go all the way, so now, I offer the Avatar course.

Avatar is a self-development course that helps you get comfortable in your own skin. The goal of the Avatar course is to assist you in exploring your own beliefs about Life in general, which are the basis of the experiences in your life. We then equip you with the tools to make the decisions about whether you want to keep, to change, recreate or create anew whatever beliefs might work better for you to have the happy life we all think we should have.

Throughout the entire Avatar course, a trained Avatar Master will guide you through the exercises, but what you work on is your choice. We do not look for your issues and point them out to you. You are the one who goes inside to find your own problems or hidden beliefs and you are the one who decides what you want to do about them. There are some options for taking the course but the best method is taking it where and when other students and Masters are present. Although these wonderful, international courses are in a room full of people; everyone is doing the same thing you are, or they have already been through it (the Masters) and shyness or self-consciousness quickly disappears.

The course is divided into three sections and it is possible to sign up for one section at a time; but we certainly suggest you sign up for all three. Once you begin this exploration, you will not want to stop. Some of the power of this course is that you begin the journey into your own consciousness and don’ t come out for 9 – 10 days. As you can imagine, you just keep going deeper and deeper. Once you have committed to discovering this part of yourself why would you want to stop? If you break it up, you will still have a powerful but different experience. Each exercise and section is a very natural and concrete progression to the next exercise, the next section. You don’ t move on until you really have it, thus, much of the course is at your own pace.

If you are ready to change your life, to discover why certain patterns keep occurring or you can’ t find the money, the job, the partner or the happiness you think you should have, come Explore with Avatar!

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