Central Florida Thoroughbreds

Back in the 1940s, when Florida was the Wild West of the East, a few hearty souls dared to think they might compete with the finest, blue-blooded racehorses and their breeders with their own stock raised among palm trees, sand and alligators. Florida was the cracker cowboy state and cowponies were expected. But the scoffers failed to realize the wealth of limestone, the power of warm sunshine year round, and the cold, crystalline, freshwater springs which are the gems of central Florida would mean to the raising of healthy, competitive animals. But when the first Thoroughbreds produced in Florida, admittedly small and scrappy, began to “outrun their pedigrees,” the nation of Thoroughbred breeders had to take notice. Join author Charlene R. Johnson as she details the fascinating equine history of central Florida.

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Florida Thoroughbred

“The history lover and the Florida lover will find much to enchant in Florida Thoroughbred. It should be an invaluable tool for all lovers of the sport of racing and the thoroughbred horse. Today, Florida thoroughbreds stand proudly among the blue bloods of Kentucky and the best of Newmarket, England and Chantilly, France. The Florida Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association would like to recommend this book to every over of horse and racing.”


John C. Weber, President, Florida Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association

Animal Angels

Everyone experiences turning points in their lives—those intense moments when emotions run high and everything changes at once.  Sometimes these instances seem arbitrary or coincidental, but for some, these life-altering events are clearly influenced and even created by the animals they encounter.  It’s as if these creatures, both domestic and wild, sense that their human counterparts need them and they answer the call.  Now, writer Charlene R. Johnson and the therapist who enriched her perception of animal roles in human scripts, Michael Rebel, share the personal, touching, and magical accounts of those fortunate people whose lives have been touched by four-legged and winged guardians.

The commonly heard story of a pet saving its owner’s life by waking the person during a house fire is not told here.  These stories convey much more than that.  From the most subtle signs to the most dramatic encounters, these accounts reveal the deep spiritual and philosophical nature of relationships between humans and animals that change people’s lives.  The stories are many and profoundly moving: the man who witnesses a bird lose its fear of humans in order to survive learns he too must cast his fears aside if he has any hope of embracing life again; the woman who changed her life after an encounter with an all white and thus mask-less raccoon revealed to her she was hiding behind her own mask.  Sometimes even the strongest person can’t go the course alone; it’s at these times that Animal Angels heed the call, sharing their inherent wisdom and teaching lessons of life, love and acceptance.

ANIMAL ANGELS: True Tales of Creatures That Changed and Enriched People’s Lives.

By Charlene R. Johnson and Michael Rebel

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